Thanksgiving Again

Dear M,

How did it get to be Thanksgiving already? Less emotionally grueling for me this year. Actually not grueling at all this year, a pleasant surprise. We went to MK and Alan’s again this year, hard to resist, two blocks away, delicious and friends since we moved here 11 years ago. We brought two vegetable dishes: balsamic green beans and a butternut squash, rainbow Swiss chard gratin. I️ think you would have liked the gratin, a little unusual, but even the kids liked it. You would have found the balsamic green beans too trendy, but I️ have found that the kids will eat pretty much anything that has balsamic vinegar in it or on it. You would have loved the deep fried turkey and the stuffing too. I’m imagining that in Heaven there is either an unlimited buffet with no weight gain or simply no desire for food.

Tonight I️ grilled marinated chicken breasts and made roasted vegetables in the oven. I’m branching out in the cooking department, having been used to having you cook for 18 years. The kids think I’m an awesome cook, but then I’m all they’ve got. You would be a little jealous. It seems it is not the classic French cooking of Julia Childs or modern French cooking of Jacques Pepin they desire. Instead it is the recipes gathered at the last moment from the internet by Mom that have captivated them.

I️ also started running if you could call it that. I’m doing Couch Potato to 5K. Tomorrow starts Week 3, which is actually a record for me. I’ve never made it to Week 3 in my previous attempts. I️ signed Butter and I️ up for a holiday themed 5 K in December, to keep his enthusiasm for Cross Country going in the off season.

Last weekend was so beautiful. iMac’s school marching band performed their half time show, titled Jack, for the last time. They placed seventh in the state band competition, which was a huge leap for them from last year when they tied for twelfth(last). I️ just can’t put into words the beauty of iMac’s flute solo. It is courage and sorrow and beauty bound together.

I️ have missed you lots this weekend. I️ have so enjoyed being home with the boys. We watched a movie last night, Hell or High Water. Catchy title huh? The title betrays the depth of the movie, a modern western. All three of us enjoyed it. Christmas shopping without you is challenging. All year you would have been collecting and jotting down book and movie titles. You would read reviews in the Economist and The Week. You would scour best book lists in the LA Times and the New York Times. You would read about all the books nominated for the Man Booker prize. You would email old friends from college, your published writer friends, and your English literature teacher friends. Then the treasure of books would arrive. All three of you would read them and talk over the intricacies of the books. As far as I’ve gotten is to order them each a Kindle reader on sale. Their kindle fires have long ago lost their battery lives. Now my amateur hunt for books begins.

That’s all for now. Love you lots,



Cool Night Letter

Dear M,

The weather is perfect for me right now, just a bit crisp at night, sunshine and 70’s in the daytime. The fall has been busy and amazing. So much to share with you, still somewhat disbelieving you are not here with me to experience this life. IMac got his license. Butter has his learner’s permit. imac applied to and was accepted at the college of his choosing, not a fancy college like yours, but one of his choosing. IMac is having a stellar fall in the marching band. They won their first ever band competition in the history of the school. Butter set his alarm for 5 am 4 days a week for 3 1/2 months to get up and go running with the XC team at school. You would delight in it all.Yesterday our sweet pup, Murphy, celebrated her first birthday. Love you and miss you.