So much to say

Dear M,
I have so much to tell you when i come home from work each night. The obstacle used to be the boys clamoring for your attention or mine. Now the obstacle is your simple absence. You would be so excited about cross country. I think you would like the coaches. You would be volunteering for everything if you were here. I would be annoyed and wishing that you would volunteer to hang out with me just a little bit longer. It seems like that wasn't really your purpose here anyway. As I look at the family tree I am researching, you are the person I felt most connected to. All the rest seem like gauzy loose filaments to be undone by soft breezes.

It's strange when people ask if I have family here in sunny Florida. I say, "yes my children." That is not what they mean, but it is the truth.

We are all fighting off something respiratory. Tomorrow is Friday, hooray!!!