A letter about letters

Dear M,

Today I received a nice letter from DuBoff, as you called him. He told stories of you at the Federal Energy Regulatory Comission in the mid 70’s wearing Adidas sneakers with your suit and tie, lots of nice stories. The boys will enjoy these immensely. A story of single you, sitting on the floor playing with the two eldest DuBoff children during a baby shower for number three or four of the DuBoff boys. 

Last night imac and I attended the 2017 Band Banquet. I sat with MK of course. The dinner was better than most, on schedule and with good food. IMac was welcomed into the room by a table of girls calling his name to come sit with them. He was the center of attention at the flute table as the only male. He was surprised and pleased to win an award. He will play in the upper band during his senior year. Things are looking up. Today he asked to meet with me to discuss his Eagle project!! This is akin to eating asparagus, something he had previously avoided. The door from the garage into the house has been opening by itself all week. You never used the front door, even after the faulty handle was replaced. You always came in through the garage. I think of you each time I see it open “by itself.”

I thought of you last night too, of last year’s band banquet. You had independently scheduled your outpatient surgery to have your feeding tube removed and then you were chagrined to find that they wouldn’t let you take a taxi home post-op. It was your “Fuck you” to me about the car keys. You called MK to pick you up. Your head was still shaved in the locations of your two brain surgeries just a few weeks before. We carried on. And still I carry on.



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