Letter of Leisure

Dear M,

Spring is turning into summer here. We had our first 80 degree day. Almost warm enough you would say, with 82 being your preferred temperature. 80 is about 5 degrees too warm for me. IMac and I had a leisurely day. I dropped Butter off at 9 with his backpack. He and his Philmont crew are doing a practice hike and camp out this weekend. You would be pleased that Butter is getting to do Philmont, just like his big brother. Then Murphy and I drove over to Petsmart for her first hair cut at 9:30. She didn’t stay because they had overbooked and I would have had to leave her there for 5 hours. So I  rescheduled her in the first slot for tomorrow. Murphy woke up at 2:30, 3:30 and 5. Cha kept waking her. Cat’s revenge I suppose. 

Did I tell you I got new bikes for the boys? The same bike shop you and I shopped for their first bikes. The one you took the CubScouts to for their biking patches.


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