Spring Break Letter

Dear M, 

I had a nice long chat with MK on the way home from work Friday. She was reassuring and encouraging as always. Molly and Bob have had some tough blows lately. Bob’s sister and her husband died tragically in a house fire. The first of the two funerals was today. Bad weather up north too, twenty degrees, a winter storm and funerals. So needless to say I kept imac and Butter here for spring break. They have been resourceful and actually I think this week is strengthening their bond. They have cooked dinner four times in the last two weeks. They are still laundry challenged. I think it is genetic. In college I slept under my sheet, comforter, a heap of clean clothes and some text books. Would you believe they now sell weighted blankets for people with anxiety. I was always ahead of my time, inventing my own weighted blanket of laundry and books. Let’s call it self medicating. Daylight savings time either ended or began last weekend. The minus-feeling like I am getting up at four in the morning. The plus-walking Murphy while it is still light out after work and dinner. We have all had a bit of a hard time this March. I haven’t mentioned the anniversaries of last March, but we all remember where we were and why. Will on a BoyScout trip, Ian at Rose and Bill’s, me at Moffitt with you. It’s hard to look back because I can see the parts I blocked out while we were experiencing them, like watching a movie and realizing it is my life and being a bit horrified by it. 

We watched our favorite show tonight, This is Us. It makes me think about our relationship. I regret how angry I was with you. You saw it for what it was, me being mad you were leaving. Me, choosing an emotion that would allow me to continue in action mode instead of experiencing the sorrow that would cripple me. Keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.
Much love,



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