Dear M,
I lost count of how many letters I have written, so I will just name them from now on. IMac and I are on our first mother/son road trip to look at colleges. I let him decide which car we would take. He chose the van, your car. Traditionally we always took the van for trips and you always drove. So it’s like we are bringing you with us. You would be so excited if you were with us. I am in the hotel lobby drinking coffee and reading up on the three colleges we are visiting this month, two state schools and one private. I’m trying to keep my mouth shut and not push iMac in one direction or another. Of course I love the in state tuition, but I suspect the school that matchs with iMac the best will be the private school.

Hotels remind me of you and cancer. Our roadtrip reminded me of you and cancer, because in the last few years most of my road trips and hotel stays were with you to Tampa for appointments and surgeries at Moffitt. That reminds me that I have been meaning to write a letter to Dr. Etame, your neurosurgeon, to thank him. I will enclose a picture of Murphy with the boys. I can’t imagine having his job. The science and research portion has to be engaging enough to outweigh the losses. 

We will take US highways home instead of the interstate and I will give iMac some drive time. That’s another reminder of you, US Highways. Your map collections, your memories of driving from college in New Jersey to see your family in North Carolina or later your parents in Coconut Grove. You spoke of the road trips often and remembered the smallest details.

I talked to Uncool Wayne this week. He sounds good. He shared sweet memories of you. Sounds like he is being a great companion to ex-girlfriend/now friend T. T stopped chemo because it was killing her faster than the metastatic breast cancer. She is feeling good and enjoying walks with Uncool Wayne. When it warms up enough she will return to Canada. 

IMac picked a movie for us to watch together last night, Arrival. I’m not a sci-if fan, but it was more than sci-fi. Rarely do imac and I get uninterrupted time together. That’s all for now. More later after we visit with CMcC and see some colleges.




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