Letter # 7

Dear M,

I haven’t written for a while. Sometimes I pretend I wasn’t married because then I can’t miss you. It’s been almost 2 months since you died. I found a little sticky note in my handwriting  that says “2/24/16 R frontal 1.3 x 0.9 and L superior parietal 2.7 x 2.3.” It refers of course to 2 of your brain tumors. You must’ve called me after your appointment in Tampa with Dr. Etame that day.  Your handwriting is still all over the house. I cleared your desk. I have to go through the papers, but the stack on the desk made it seem like you were coming back. I can take them out in small batches I suppose. They’re in the closet with your ashes now. Cha is still taken with napping in the closet near you. Most days  I have to tell at least one person that you are dead. Wednesday morning checking Butter and iMac in for their annual visits with their allergist. I thought they all knew, since I work there, but it turns out they didn’t. MK and Alan had us over for Thanksgiving. It was perfect. You will never believe this. Both boys ate ASPARAGUS!  Last Saturday both boys went on the Boyscout day trip swimming with the manatees. I had lunch with a friend, a pedicure and a nap. Four days off for Thanksgiving could be great or awful. There’s plenty for me to do at home to keep getting things in order.

Love you lots,



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