My Fancy Dog and Being a Bad Example

So it looks like I am about to purchase a fancy dog. By fancy I mean purebred. If you know me you know that I do not have a fancy dog history and you know that I have allergies.

It so happened that we evacuated hurricane Matthew with our neighbor K and her two fancy dogs Amber (a 2 year old chocolate labradoodle) and Dandelion(a five month old golden labradoodle). Butter, iMac and I had done some pet sitting over the summer, taking care of Amber and the three cats before Dandelion came into the picture. The night after we returned home K knocked on our door holding Keefer, an 8 week old apricot and cream labradoodle. I opened the door to hear K say “Meet your new dog!” Butter was right behind me. “Is she serious Mom??? Is he really our new dog?”

“No, of course not! She’s joking.” Butter talked about Keefer for the next few hours until bedtime. I realized at some point that I alone get to decide about such things as whether we will get a dog. The next day I talked to the allergists at work. I already knew that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. One suggested we get more exposure to these three labradoodles to determine if the kids’ asthma would flare. I called the breeder. Keefer is not available. I looked into the guardian program which would allow me to get my fancy dog for less expense by agreeing to breed her four times. Then I noticed in the requirements that I must have a fenced yard to be a guardian home. The dilemma being that my yard isn’t actually my yard so I cannot fence it. I am renting. The further dilemma that my lease stipulates “No Pets.” I’ve clearly already broken that commitment with Cha. Now I find myself about to pay full price for a fancy dog because then I don’t have to have a fenced yard. All toward the purpose of deceiving my landlady as long as possible. I am such a good role model for the kids. Yikes!


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